About Tören

We took our first step to Chocolate and Confectionery sector on the Gaziantep Araban Road in 2003. With the interest shown by our domestic and international customers, in order to provide higher quality and better we aim in production of chocolate, KokolinNuga Bar, Coconut Bar, Coconut Bar, Breakfast and Cream Tube chocolate, we have a new modern facility with 50.500 m2 outdoor and 15000 m2 indoor area since 2014. We formed a organizational concept by believing in human, hygiene and sustainable quality management. We took the pride of bearing a national responsibility with the exports to 4 continentals and 50 countries. Thanks to the warehouses and sales offices we opened in Iraq / Arbil and Morocco / Casablanca, we have succeeded in becoming one of the leading players in our target markets in the Middle East and North Africa. We formed 22 various product taste and 11 separate brand mark in our product scale. In line with the demand from our consumers and our customers, we completed a significant gap in our portfolio by commissioning our new Wafer line in 2016. We always prepare new delicacies and efficient presentations four our products by virtue of our research and development. Thus, we have become a desired and preferred brand. The point we are standing on in our sector proved us that every dedication we showed had a comeback. TörenÇikolata has been providing its services with the same sensitivity and new delicacies.

2023 and the Vision of Tören

Looking ahead, we strive to be one of the most preferred brands by consumers in the world and to increase the value of Tören Chocolate in all segments, especially in the chocolate sector.

The Passion of Tören

We do our best everyday to consistently create mouth-watering Chocolates and confections our customers expect. No compromises. We manufacture a full line of excellent chocolates and treats for just about everyone at any age to enjoy. We also explore new recipes to delight and gain a new generation of followers.

Our Basic Values

• Our Priority is Our Customer • We never compromise on our quality • We love competition • We act within team spirit • We focus on result and success. • We always innovate ourselves.

Our Activities

Core Activity: Especially All kinds of confectionery, chocolate / wafer varieties products, the production of take-home food products or having them produced and selling them in domestic and foreign markets.

Our quality policy

Intsactivity area TörenGıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş. discovers products and service that can be needed by people to create a better life; and produces these products from well- selected and reliable raw materials by usingenvironment sensitive cutting-edge-technology in hygenic conditions and meets the expectatons of the customers in domestic and international market by virtue of its employees at a constant quality and satisfaction grade. IT PROVIDES DELICIOUS, HEALTHY AND RELIABLE PRODUCTS…